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D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube

Minimum Order Quantity : 10000 Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : The standard export carton packing can be packed in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Delivery Time : 25-30days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 4000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Place of Origin: Zhejiang , China Brand Name: WR PK
Certification: ISO 9001,ISO 14001 Model Number: WRPE25S01 Cap Type:WR-C25Double01

Detail Information

Material: PCR/PE Capacity: 20-60ml
Color: As Per Customer's Request Specification: Tube Length According To Customer's Request
Surface Handling: Silk-screen,offset Print,hot Stamping, Electroplate Etc.
High Light:

60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes


20ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes


Soft Skin Care Tube

Product Description

D25mm Custom 20-60ml round plastic soft tube packing skin care series cosmetic tube


D25mm20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube is a high-quality packaging option for cosmetics and personal care products. This tube is made from soft plastic material that is both durable and flexible, making it easy to squeeze out the desired amount of product with minimal effort.


The round shape of this cosmetic tube provides a sleek and professional appearance, while also maximizing the amount of product that can be stored inside. With a capacity range of 20-60ml, this tube is perfect for a wide variety of skin care products, including lotions, creams, and gels.


One of the key advantages of this cosmetic tube is its customizable design. Customers can choose from a range of colors and finishes to create a unique and eye-catching package that stands out on store shelves. Additionally, the tube can be printed with custom artwork and branding, allowing companies to promote their products and build brand awareness.


Overall, D25mm20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube is an excellent choice for brands in the cosmetics and personal care industries. With its high-quality construction, customizable design, and versatile capacity range, this tube offers numerous benefits that can help companies attract and retain customers.


Capacity 20-60ml
Diameter 25mm
Material PCR/PE
Color As Per Customer's Request
Production time 25-30days
MOQ 10000PCS
Packaging Standard carton packing
Specification Tube length according to customer's request
Logo According to customer's requirement
Shipment By sea, by air, or by express, etc.
Surface Handling Silk-screen,offset print,hot stamping,labeling,foil sealing, electroplate etc.
Application products BB cream,foundation liquid,brush,lip balm,Cream,etc.




D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 0D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 1


D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 2


D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 3





D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 4D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 5D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 6


D25mm 20-60ml Custom Cosmetic Tubes Round Plastic Soft Skin Care Tube 7



1) Can we do printing on the cosmetic tube?

Yes, we can. We could offer various printings like offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, etc. Please send us the sample design draft.


2) What's your sealing way of cosmetic tube?

One is the tube mouth sealed by aluminum foil and keeping the tail opened for mass filling.

The other one is tail sealed and keeping the tube mouth opened for filling.


3) Can we get your free samples of cosmetic tube?

Yes, you can. If you don’t need to print your logo or other artwork on the products, we will not charge any cost,just tell us your freight collect account like FedEx DHL TNT, if you don’t have account,we need to charge Express fee properly.


4) Can we combine many items assorted in one container in my first order?

Yes, you can. But the quantity of each ordered item should reach our MOQ.


5) What is your payment term?

T/T . For bulk production: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before shipping. Both parties can negotiate.


6) What is your shipping way?

We will help you to choose the best shipping way according to your detail requirements.

By sea, by air, or by express, etc.


7) The impact of lotion and cream packaging materials on consumer perception

1. Selection of packaging materials
The packaging material of lotion cream has an important impact on its appearance, texture and consumer perception. Different packaging materials can convey different brand images and product information. For example, food-grade PE packaging can not only ensure product safety, but also visually give people a fresh and natural feeling. In the field of design, packaging is regarded as an expression space that can express the needs of consumers and customers through visual design, thereby enhancing the visual beauty of the image and highlighting the theme and difference of the product.

2. Packaging materials and product quality perception
The choice of packaging materials directly affects consumers’ perception of product quality. When consumers do not understand the food itself, the quality of packaging design directly affects consumers' judgment of food quality. For example, the use of packaging materials is an indispensable part of packaging design. It is the various materials that make packaging colorful and bring people different visual and psychological feelings. In addition, packaging materials can also affect consumers’ choice of products. Foreign research shows that product packaging with lower involvement is more focused on the physical and mental pleasure that visual cues bring to consumers.

3. Packaging materials and consumers’ purchasing intention
Packaging materials also affect consumers’ purchasing intentions. Packaging design can create visual contrast between products. After comparing them, consumers will tend to choose their preferred packaging design. Good packaging design will more easily attract consumers' attention, thereby affecting consumer consumption. choose. For example, pictures and texts on packaging are the main way for consumers to understand product information and understand its cultural value and connotation. The purpose of using graphic elements in packaging design is to satisfy people's aesthetic needs when facing products.

4. Packaging materials and brand image establishment
The choice of packaging materials is also related to the establishment of brand image. If brand products want to open up the market, packaging design plays an important role. In the process of consumers distinguishing brands, if the packaging design is more attractive, the brand image will be more likely to be deeply rooted in people's hearts. For example, health product packaging is considered to be an expressive space where “happiness design” can be displayed. Packaging can convey product information and affect consumers’ feelings about the product. The essence of packaging is mainly to express the needs of consumers and customers through visual design, thereby enhancing the visual beauty of the image and highlighting the theme and difference of the product.

In summary, the packaging material of lotion cream has an important impact on its appearance, texture and consumer perception. When companies choose packaging materials, they should consider their impact on product quality perception, purchase intention and brand image establishment.


8) Lotion cream packaging innovative design trends

As consumer demand for cosmetics continues to grow, lotion and cream packaging design is also constantly developing and innovating. In the current market, the trends in lotion and cream packaging design are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Environmentalism: As people’s awareness of environmental protection increases, more and more brands are beginning to pay attention to the sustainability of their products. The packaging design of lotions and creams gradually adopts recyclable and degradable environmentally friendly materials to reduce environmental pollution. In addition, the simple packaging design is also loved by consumers, which can save costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Personalized customization: Consumers are increasingly demanding personalized products, and lotion and cream packaging design has also begun to develop in a personalized direction. Brands provide a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes to choose from, and even allow consumers to participate in the packaging design process to meet consumers' individual needs.

Color matching: Color is a very important element in lotion cream packaging design. Today, more and more brands tend to use bold, bright colors to attract consumers' attention. Through clever color matching, the product can stand out among many competing products.

Innovative shapes: Shape is also a key element in lotion and cream packaging design. Unique shape design can make the product more recognizable and attract more consumers. For example, some brands will design bionic-shaped packaging to allow consumers to feel the beauty of nature when using the product.

Interactive experience: In order to enhance consumers’ interest in products, lotion and cream packaging design also begins to focus on interactive experience. Some brands set up interactive elements such as mechanisms and games on the packaging to allow consumers to have fun while using the product.

In short, lotion cream packaging design is developing in the direction of environmental protection, personalization, rich colors, innovative shapes and interactive experiences. Brand owners can incorporate these trends into packaging design based on their own product characteristics and the needs of target consumer groups to enhance the market competitiveness of their products.


9) How can packaging materials improve the class of lotion and cream?

1. Use environmentally friendly materials
When it comes to packaging options for lotions and creams, using environmentally friendly materials is an effective way to enhance the quality of the product. Consumers are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection attributes of products. Therefore, if lotion cream packaging materials can be safe and environmentally friendly, it will undoubtedly increase the quality of the product. For example, renewable and recyclable packaging materials can be used, such as HDPE, LDPE, PCR, etc. These materials are not only environmentally friendly, but can also meet the storage and transportation needs of lotion and cream products.

2. Anodized aluminum caps and bottles
Anodized aluminum caps and bottles are commonly used cosmetic packaging materials. They can improve the quality of packaging and are suitable for packaging cosmetics such as lotions and creams. The exquisite appearance of anodized aluminum bottles can enhance the visual effect of the product and attract consumers' attention. In addition, the use of anodized aluminum caps and bottles can also reflect the high-end positioning of the brand and increase the added value of the product.

3. Innovative packaging materials
With the advancement of science and technology, the innovative application of packaging materials is also an important means to enhance the quality of lotions and creams. For example, composite micro-corrugated cardboard is a packaging material similar to mobile phone boxes, wine boxes, and gift boxes. It is lightweight, has low transportation costs, is environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral, and is easy to transport. This innovative packaging material not only protects lotion and cream products, but also adds a sense of fashion and quality to the product.

4. Paper packaging materials
Paper packaging materials have the advantages of being lightweight, easy to process, and environmentally friendly. They are commonly used packaging materials for products such as lotions and creams. Through innovative design, such as the use of handmade tissue paper and other special materials, packaging with regional cultural characteristics can be created to enhance the quality of the product.

5. Fabric packaging materials
Fabric packaging materials are lightweight, convenient for storage and transportation, easy to process, recyclable, and beautiful. Through printing, flocking and other processing of fabrics, diversified appearance effects can be created to meet the needs of different consumers. For example, linen cloth and food-grade butter paper can be used to package lotion cream, which is simple and distinctive.

6. Smart packaging materials
Smart packaging materials have functions such as sensors and reactors, and can monitor food quality, extend shelf life, etc. These functions not only protect lotion and cream products, but also increase consumers' trust and desire to purchase. By applying intelligent packaging technology to the packaging of lotion and cream, the quality and competitiveness of the product can be enhanced.

To sum up, by choosing environmentally friendly materials, using anodized aluminum caps and bottles, innovating packaging materials, using paper packaging, using cloth packaging and using intelligent packaging technology, the quality of lotions and creams can be improved to a great extent and satisfy consumers. consumers’ demand for high-quality cosmetics


10) Portability features of lotion-cream custom cosmetic tubes

1. Portability of cosmetic tubes
Cosmetic hoses are designed largely with portability in mind. In modern society, the demand for cosmetics has become a daily need for many people. Especially for people who often travel or travel, portable cosmetics are very important. The portability of cosmetic tubes is better than that of glass bottles and cans, and is more suitable for young people's pursuit of novelty and uniqueness.

2. Material and portability of cosmetic hoses
The material of cosmetic hose is also very critical. For example, PE plastic hose has good mechanical properties, its impact strength is 3-5 times that of other films, and it has good folding resistance. The hose made of this material is not only easy to carry, but also has excellent gas, water, oil and odor barrier properties.

3. New design of cosmetic packaging tubes
In recent years, some innovative cosmetic packaging tube designs have appeared on the market, aiming to improve portability. For example, a new type of portable cosmetics packaging tube includes a cosmetics placement tube device, a packaging tube shell, a marking strip placement slot, etc. These designs not only improve the portability of cosmetics, but also increase practical effects, making the storage of cosmetics safer. reliable.

4. Packaging and portability of cosmetic tubes
The packaging of cosmetic tubes is also an important factor affecting portability. For example, some cosmetic hoses adopt a flip-top or frosted flat hose design. This design is not only beautiful, but also easy to carry and use.

To sum up, the portability characteristics of lotion-cream customized cosmetic tubes are mainly reflected in their light and easy-to-carry design, which allows consumers to use cosmetics anytime and anywhere, meeting the needs of modern people’s fast-paced life.


11) Trend analysis of high-end cosmetic tube design

1. Sustainability
As the global focus on sustainability continues to increase, high-end cosmetic tube designs are also trending towards environmental protection and sustainability. Many companies have begun to use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials for packaging design. For example, Estee Lauder, the world's second largest cosmetics group, accounts for 25% of its high-end cosmetics market. It is also working hard to develop renewable resources and reduce its impact on the environment. This trend is not only reflected in the choice of packaging materials, but also in the innovation of packaging design. For example, the Hanmei Innovation Technology Research Institute Joint Laboratory has a raw material supply chain covering the world, of which more than 95% of raw materials come from It is imported and reaches the PPM level impurity-free rate, ensuring the production of high-quality products.

2. Personalized customization
Consumer demand for cosmetics is increasingly personalized and customized. Brands such as Romy Paris and Hekatè have launched formulas that can be determined according to the individual needs of users. By adding high-concentration active ingredient capsules to essences or creams, they can instantly produce fresh skin care products that are most suitable for users7. This trend requires that the design of cosmetic tubes is not only beautiful, but also needs to take into account the actual needs and usage experience of consumers.

3. High-end materials
In the design of high-end cosmetic tubes, the choice of material is particularly important. Designers usually choose high-quality materials, such as high-grade paper, porcelain, or metal, to add texture and high-end feel to the product63. In addition, sustainability is also a factor that needs to be considered when selecting materials, and companies need to find a balance between high-end and environmental protection.

4. The combination of technology and art
The combination of modern technology and art makes cosmetic tube designs more refined and unique. For example, some designs may add innovative elements such as mirrors and LED lights to enhance the added value of the product. This trend requires designers not only to have artistic inspiration, but also to master advanced design concepts and technical means.

5. Reflection of brand culture
Cosmetic tube design is not only the external packaging of the product, but also the embodiment of brand culture. Designers need to create a brand image that can impress female consumers through elements such as color matching, pattern design, and packaging specifications23. This trend requires designers to not only consider the function and beauty of the product when designing cosmetic tubes, but also have an in-depth understanding of the brand's culture and philosophy.

To sum up, the trend of high-end cosmetic tube design is towards sustainable development, personalized customization, high-end materials, the combination of technology and art, and the embodiment of brand culture. These trends not only reflect changes in consumer demand, but also reflect the continuous development and progress of the cosmetics industry.


12) Printing and labeling requirements for custom cosmetic tubes of lotions and creams

Regarding the printing and labeling requirements for custom cosmetic tubes of lotions and creams, here are some aspects that need attention:
Printing requirements: The printing of cosmetic tubes should be clear, durable and not easy to wear. The printed content should include product name, brand, net content, production date, shelf life, production batch number and other information. In addition, the color of the printing should meet the customer's requirements and highlight the characteristics of the product.

Labeling requirements: The labeling of lotion and cream customized cosmetic tubes should comply with relevant national laws and regulations. The label content should include product name, brand, ingredients, production date, shelf life, precautions, etc. In addition, for special-purpose cosmetics, the corresponding special-purpose cosmetics category should also be indicated on the label.

Organic certification mark: If the lotion-cream custom cosmetic tube contains organic ingredients, the organic certification mark should be displayed on the packaging. The organic certification mark indicates that in addition to the plant ingredients contained in the product must be composed of organic plant extracts that have obtained organic certification, the product cannot add artificial flavors, pigments, petrochemicals and other ingredients that are harmful to the skin.

Green environmental protection mark: If the packaging of the lotion cream custom cosmetic tube is green and environmentally friendly and can be completely degraded, the corresponding green environmental protection mark can be marked on the packaging.

Other labeling requirements: The packaging of the lotion-cream customized cosmetic tube should also indicate the correct storage method, usage method, and warnings, etc. For example, "Keep away from fire sources", "Keep out of direct sunlight", "Keep out of the reach of children", etc.

In short, when printing and labeling customized lotion-cream cosmetic tubes, you should ensure that the information is accurate, complete, easy to understand, and meets the requirements of relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, attention should be paid to highlighting the characteristics and advantages of the product so that consumers can understand the relevant information of the product more intuitively.


13) Materials for making cosmetic tubes

Materials for making plastic pipes
The main material for making cosmetic tubes is plastic. Specifically, PE (polyethylene) raw materials are used. This material has good sealing and durability and is suitable for packaging cosmetics. During the production process, other auxiliary materials are sometimes used, such as color boxes, middle boxes, etc., to increase the beauty and protection of the product.
The choice of high-quality plastics
When choosing plastic materials, high-quality PE materials are usually chosen because high-quality PE materials have better transparency, gloss and printing properties, and can better display the color and texture of cosmetics. In addition, high-quality PE materials also have better high temperature resistance and chemical stability, which can ensure the safety of cosmetics during transportation and storage.

Technical requirements during production
In the process of making cosmetic tubes, the particularity of the product also needs to be taken into consideration. For example, the length of the tube needs to be adjusted between 5ml and 500ml to accommodate different types and capacities of cosmetics. At the same time, it is also necessary to choose the appropriate printing process according to the different characteristics of cosmetics, such as offset printing, silk screen, gloss, frosted, semi-frosted, hot stamping, hot silver, gold plating, silver plating, etc., to meet different packaging needs.

in conclusion
To sum up, cosmetic tubes are indeed made of high-quality plastic materials. This material can not only ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics, but also enhance the market competitiveness of cosmetics through exquisite packaging design. At the same time, with the advancement of science and technology, the production of plastic pipes is constantly improving and perfecting to meet the growing needs of consumers.


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