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Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap

Minimum Order Quantity : 10000 Price : Negotiable
Packaging Details : Standard carton packing Delivery Time : 25-30days
Payment Terms : T/T Supply Ability : 4000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Place of Origin: Zhejiang , China Brand Name: WR PK
Certification: ISO 9001,ISO 14001 Model Number: Tube Type:WRPE35S15 Cap Type:WR-C30F01

Detail Information

Material: PCR/PE Capacity: 35-110ml
Color: As Per Customer's Request Specification: Tube Length According To Customer's Request
Surface Handling: Silk-screen,offset Print,hot Stamping, Electroplate Etc.
High Light:

Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes


Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion


110ml empty plastic lotion tubes

Product Description

D35mm 35-110ml Plastic tooth paste packaging cosmetic lotion tube with flip cap


Plastic Toothpaste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml with Flip Cap are high-quality, durable and versatile tubes made from high-grade plastic material. They are ideal for packaging various types of cosmetic products such as toothpaste, lotions, and creams, among others.


These tubes have a diameter of 35mm and come in a range of sizes from 35ml to 110ml, making them suitable for different product needs. The flip cap is easy to open and close, providing users with convenience and practicality.


The material used to create these cosmetic tubes is strong and lightweight, making them highly resistant to cracking or breaking. They are also flexible, making them easy to squeeze and dispense products from. The tubes are also suitable for use in a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal for storage in all weather conditions.


The tubes are customizable, allowing you to choose a design, color, and branding that best suits your product needs. They are also recyclable and environmentally friendly, making them a perfect choice for eco-conscious consumers.


Overall, Plastic Toothpaste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml with Flip Cap are excellent packaging solutions for businesses and individuals seeking high-quality, versatile and durable cosmetic tubes for their products.


Capacity 35-110ml
Diameter 35mm
Material PCR/PE
Color As Per Customer's Request
Production time 25-30days
MOQ 10000PCS
Packaging Standard carton packing
Specification Tube length according to customer's request
Logo According to customer's requirement
Shipment By sea, by air, or by express, etc.
Surface Handling Silk-screen,offset print,hot stamping,labeling,foil sealing, electroplate etc.
Application products Hand body cream,moisturizer,tooth paste,cleansing,etc




Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 0



Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 1Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 2Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 3




Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 4Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 5Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 6Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 7Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 8



Plastic Tooth Paste Custom Cosmetic Tubes Lotion D35mm 35-110ml With Flip Cap 9



1) Can we do printing on the cosmetic tube?

Yes, we can. We could offer various printings like offset printing, silk screen printing, hot stamping, etc. Please send us the sample design draft.


2) What's your sealing way of cosmetic tube?

One is the tube mouth sealed by aluminum foil and keeping the tail opened for mass filling.

The other one is tail sealed and keeping the tube mouth opened for filling.


3) Can we get your free samples of cosmetic tube?

Yes, you can. If you don’t need to print your logo or other artwork on the products, we will not charge any cost,just tell us your freight collect account like FedEx DHL TNT, if you don’t have account,we need to charge Express fee properly.


4) Can we combine many items assorted in one container in my first order?

Yes, you can. But the quantity of each ordered item should reach our MOQ.


5) What is your payment term?

T/T . For bulk production: 30% deposit in advance, 70% balance before shipping. Both parties can negotiate.


6) What is your shipping way?

We will help you to choose the best shipping way according to your detail requirements.

By sea, by air, or by express, etc.


7) International cosmetic packaging trends

International cosmetics packaging design tends to use high-quality, environmentally friendly materials in material selection. For example, recyclable glass, metal, BIO plastic, etc. These materials can not only improve the quality and grade of packaging, but also reflect the brand's environmental protection and social responsibility. Through the combination of different materials, creative and functional cosmetic packaging designs can be created. For example, Maybelline's Super Planet lipstick series uses frosted metal packaging, which not only improves the appearance of the product, but also enhances the practicality of the packaging.

Form is a key element in cosmetic packaging design. Excellent packaging design should take into account both aesthetics and the ability to follow fashion trends. Especially today's young people pay more attention to the design and personalization of packaging. In terms of design, you can try to apply different forms to different products to meet the needs of different users. For example, the colorful square lipstick tray released by combines the original circular shape with the design of five square grids to create a highly symbolic form of beauty, making the entire tray look more fashionable, trendy, and simple.

On the basis of aesthetics, cosmetic packaging design should also consider functional requirements. Today’s packaging design not only needs to ensure product freshness and safety, but also takes into account anti-counterfeiting and ease of use features. For example, simply adding a sealing ring to the mouth of the bottle can prevent flooding or drying out problems. In addition, makeup products need to be used repeatedly, so durability is also crucial in packaging design.

user experience
The ultimate goal of cosmetics packaging design is to provide a better user experience. The appearance, material texture, form, etc. all need to conform to market trends and consumer preferences. At the same time, the comfort and convenience of use must also be considered. For example, many cosmetics packaging now uses anti-slip and anti-fouling materials, so that users can reduce finger slips during use and can also easily clean and maintain.

National trend elements
National trend elements have also been widely used in cosmetic packaging design. For example, the use of color language combined with Chinese elements not only improves brand recognition in the packaging design of domestic cosmetics, but also attracts young consumers and middle-aged and older consumers who love the national trend through rich cultural connotations.

As the global demand for cosmetics continues to grow, the rapid development of the cosmetics packaging industry has also brought environmental issues. Therefore, more and more beauty brands are paying more and more attention to the sustainable development of the environment while pursuing product sales. Environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging has become a development trend that cannot be ignored.

To sum up, the popular trend of international cosmetic packaging is reflected in the selection of materials, form design, functional considerations, provision of user experience, and the integration of national fashion elements and sustainability. These trends not only reflect the professionalism and innovation of cosmetic packaging design, but also reflect consumers' pursuit of beautiful things and environmental protection concepts.


8) How cosmetic packaging improves user experience

Cosmetic packaging design is an integral part of the cosmetics industry. It not only protects cosmetic products, but also attracts consumers' attention and enhances the value of the product. Here are a few aspects of how cosmetic packaging can improve user experience:

1. Visual communication and brand image
Packaging design is the appearance of the product, which communicates directly with consumers. Creative packaging can arouse consumers' interest and convey the characteristics of the product and the image of the brand. Colors, patterns, fonts and other elements can convey the characteristics and brand image of the product, and make consumers have a good impression of the product through visual impact. In addition, packaging design can also help highlight the uniqueness of the product in a highly competitive market and attract target consumer groups.

2. User experience
Packaging design is not only a tool for product sales, but also an important way for consumers to experience it. A good packaging can make consumers better and easier
Use products properly to enhance users’ trust and loyalty to the brand. For example, when designing packaging, it is necessary to consider the convenience of use by consumers and avoid problems such as omissions and inconveniences in use, so as to ensure customers' consumption pleasure and satisfaction and improve consumers' use experience.

3. Functionality
In addition to appearance design, cosmetic packaging also has practical functionality. First, packaging protects the quality and safety of cosmetic products. High-quality packaging materials can effectively isolate external factors such as oxygen, moisture, and light, and extend the shelf life of products. Secondly, the packaging can be convenient to use and carry. Through properly designed bottle mouths, pump heads, sprays and other devices, consumers can easily access cosmetics and put them in bags or luggage.

4. Environmental awareness
As people's awareness of environmental protection increases, cosmetic packaging is also developing in a more environmentally friendly direction. Many brands are starting to use recyclable packaging materials to reduce plastic and paper waste. Some companies are also promoting the implementation of the "green packaging" concept, using degradable materials or reducing packaging weight to reduce the impact on the environment.

5. Creative packaging
Creative packaging plays an important role in the cosmetics industry. It not only protects the product, but also attracts consumers' attention and enhances the value of the product. A unique packaging design can make consumers want to buy and enhance the brand's influence.

To sum up, cosmetic packaging provides a good user experience through visual communication and establishment of brand image, ensures product functionality, reflects environmental awareness, and attracts consumers' attention through creative packaging, thus improving the user experience.


9) How cosmetics brand image is conveyed through packaging

The transmission of cosmetics brand image is through the integration of multiple elements, among which packaging design plays a crucial role. Packaging design not only protects products, but also shapes and conveys brand image, attracts consumers' attention and prompts purchase behavior.

The importance of packaging design
Protect the product: The inner packaging of cosmetics usually uses high-quality materials, such as glass bottles, plastic tubes, etc., to prevent the product from deteriorating due to contact with the external environment. At the same time, the inner packaging also provides a stable temperature and humidity environment for the product, extending the shelf life of the product.

Shape the brand image: The outer packaging of cosmetics is not only the external container of the product, but also the display window for the brand image. The outer packaging design should be in line with the brand's positioning and style, attract consumers' attention and convey the brand's core values.

Convey brand values and enhance product value: Cosmetic packaging also needs to highlight the features and highlights of the product to encourage consumers to choose the brand's products.

Modern cosmetics packaging design tends to be simple, fashionable and environmentally friendly. Brands use constantly innovative packaging designs to attract consumers' attention and enhance the competitiveness of their products.

Key elements of packaging design
Color matching: Color has strong expressive power and can directly affect consumers' emotions and purchasing desires. For example, in the packaging of high-end luxury cosmetics, the colors of gold, silver, black, white and pearl can give people a sense of nobility, elegance and dignity.

Pattern design: Pattern design is an integral part of cosmetic packaging design. In order to distinguish themselves from other brands and arouse consumers' memories, brands will design some unique patterns on their packaging.

Material selection: Packaging materials are crucial to cosmetic packaging design, because the choice of materials directly affects factors such as product protection, information transmission, aesthetics, and environmental protection.

Innovative design: With the rapid development of the market, cosmetic packaging design also requires continuous innovation. For example, some cosmetic brands will add magnetic fields to the packaging, which can make the packaging easier to open and avoid the waste of beauty serum.

How to convey brand image through packaging
In line with brand positioning and style: Packaging design should be consistent with product features, while focusing on innovation and differentiation to differentiate it from competing brands.

Highlight product features and highlights: Packaging design should be able to highlight the unique selling points of the product and stand out in the fierce market competition.

Use environmentally friendly materials: With the increase in environmental awareness, more and more cosmetic brands have begun to pay attention to the sustainability of packaging materials and use recyclable or degradable materials to reduce the impact on the environment. Convey brand stories and values: Through packaging design, brands can convey their own stories and values, such as brand history, brand philosophy, etc.

To sum up, there are various ways in which cosmetics brand image is conveyed through packaging. The key lies in whether the packaging design can accurately reflect the brand's positioning, style and values, and whether it can attract the attention of target consumers and arouse the desire to buy.


10) Cosmetic packaging color matching art

1. Color matching theory
In cosmetic packaging design, color matching is a very important part. Color can not only affect consumers' emotions, but also highlight the main elements of the design, making the entire package more vibrant and dynamic, and attracting consumers' attention. People usually divide colors into warm and cool colors. Warm colors mainly include pink, orange, and red, which can give people a sense of warmth; in contrast, cool colors mainly include blue, green, and gray, which are easy to make people feel quiet.

Color contrast is a commonly used technique in cosmetic packaging design. Designers can choose two colors with strong contrast effects to match, either warm colors versus cold colors, or dark colors versus bright colors. This sharp color contrast can highlight the main elements of the design, making the entire package more vibrant and dynamic, and attracting consumers' attention.
Hue is the dominant color of a group of colors that dominates the picture. The target of product sales determines the color of cosmetic packaging. Women's products generally use noble, warm and elegant colors. Due to the vast differences between consumers, cosmetic packaging must meet the aesthetic requirements of different consumers, so the requirements for cosmetic packaging also vary. People of different age groups have different feelings about colors. As age increases, people's preferences for colors will change greatly.

2. Color matching practice
In the practice of cosmetics packaging design, designers need to take into account factors such as cosmetics consumers, age, gender, and current popular colors, in order to accurately grasp the scale of color visual beauty and make the characteristics of cosmetics packaging design more distinctive.

For example, the packaging colors of children's skin care products generally use warm colors of red, yellow, orange, and green, while the packaging of adult cosmetics can break through tradition and boldly use colors to keep up with the trend. Consumers of different genders have different emotions towards different colors. The outer packaging of the same skin care products of the same brand uses different colors due to the different genders of consumers. For example, the outer packaging of a certain brand of men's moisturizing cream is black, while the outer packaging of the same brand of women's moisturizing cream is relatively elegant white.

Designers also need to master ethnic color taboos and adjust colors based on seasonal changes and fashion trends. Full investigation must be carried out before packaging is designed, and colors must not be adjusted randomly. At the same time, the sensitivity of consumers in the sales area to color must be considered so that the designed colors can effectively attract local consumers.

3. Color matching cases
In the case of cosmetic packaging design, we can see the art of color matching. For example, a certain brand's new skin care product design packaging and e-commerce details page, the new packaging shows the brand's new high-end, simple brand image in the field of cosmetics. The main color of the bottle is off-white, which gives people a crystal clear feeling and reminds people of fair and shiny skin. The front of the bottle has English plus patterns, and the back is a combination of Chinese and English. The content of the bottle uses various processes such as hot stamping, silk screen printing and heat transfer printing. Each process has its own unique highlights, and these are set off against the large off-white background. Below, it looks simple yet high-end, giving this series of cosmetics a luxurious and fashionable product connotation.

In general, the art of color matching for cosmetic packaging is a complex knowledge, which requires designers to fully understand the theoretical knowledge of color matching and constantly try and improve in practice to achieve the best visual effects and emotional communication effects.


 11) How cosmetic packaging reflects the brand story

In today's highly competitive market environment, cosmetic packaging plays a vital role in reflecting the brand story. Good packaging can not only attract consumers' attention, but also effectively convey the brand's core values, concepts and characteristics. This article will explore how cosmetic packaging reflects the brand story from multiple perspectives.

First of all, cosmetic packaging can convey the brand story through visual elements. This includes aspects such as colours, fonts and graphics. Appropriate use of color can enhance the brand image and make the brand more visually attractive. Uniform, concise, and easy-to-read fonts can improve brand recognition and make it easier for consumers to understand the brand. Unique graphic design can enhance the brand image and make the brand more visually distinctive. By bringing these visual elements together at a central point, you can highlight your brand identity and better reflect your brand story.

Secondly, cosmetic packaging can reflect the brand story through materials and craftsmanship. The difference between ordinary packaging materials and big-name packaging materials is often reflected in the control of details. Some well-known brands use unique treatments of materials and craftsmanship to make their packaging designs unique, thus reflecting the brand's unique story.

For example, the packaging design of brands such as Hua Mi Liang Satin Glaze Lipstick all adopt unique craftsmanship and materials, allowing consumers to feel the value and charm of the brand in the first place.

In addition, cosmetic packaging can also express the brand story through shape and structure. Unique shape and structural design can make the product stand out from many competing products and allow consumers to recognize it at a glance. For example, the subversive design of the Rubik's Cube eye shadow turns one "one side" of a single eye shadow into a "five-sided three-dimensional", reflecting the brand's original design power. Such a design not only makes the product more attractive, but also allows consumers to feel the brand's story and spirit during use.

In short, cosmetic packaging plays a pivotal role in reflecting the brand story. Through the unique design of visual elements, material craftsmanship, shape structure, etc., cosmetic packaging can effectively convey the core values, concepts and characteristics of the brand, allowing consumers to feel the charm of the brand in the first place. Therefore, in the process of cosmetics brand building, it is crucial to pay attention to the combination of packaging design and brand story.


12) High-end cosmetics packaging design analysis

1. The importance of high-end cosmetics packaging design
High-end cosmetics packaging design is not only a means to protect products and convey brand value, but also a manifestation of aesthetics and art. It expresses the brand's image and values through appearance and form, directly affecting consumers' purchasing decisions. In the high-end cosmetics market, packaging design plays a vital role.

2. Design principles
In high-end cosmetic packaging design, there are some important design principles that need to be followed. The first is the combination of simplicity and sophistication. The packaging design should focus on a simple and elegant appearance, while also paying attention to details and exquisite processing. The second is coordination with the brand image. The packaging design must be consistent with the brand's positioning and style to form a unified and powerful brand image. In addition, sustainability and environmental protection are also important considerations in modern packaging design. Designers should focus on using environmentally friendly materials and recyclable designs to meet consumers' needs for sustainable development.

3. Innovation Trends
With the advancement of technology and changes in consumer psychology, high-end cosmetics packaging design is also constantly innovating. On the one hand, the application of digital technology has brought new possibilities to packaging, such as smart packaging, augmented reality and virtual reality. On the other hand, the trend of personalization and customization is also developing. Designers should pay attention to consumers' individual needs and provide them with unique and distinctive packaging designs.

4. Visual effects of packaging design
In cosmetic packaging design, visual effects are one of the important factors that attract consumers. Through the combination of color, pattern, shape and other elements of packaging design, a unique brand image and product features can be created, thereby attracting consumers' attention. A successful cosmetic packaging design should match the positioning of the product and be able to highlight the features of the product and the personality of the brand.

5. Selection of packaging materials
In cosmetic packaging design, the choice of packaging material is crucial. First of all, the packaging material needs to comply with the characteristics and safety requirements of the product. Secondly, packaging materials also need to meet consumer expectations and needs. Nowadays, the concept of sustainable development is getting more and more attention, so choosing recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging materials will be more competitive.

6. The Importance of Logo Design
Logo design in cosmetic packaging design is the key to product recognition and brand communication. Logo design is not only the presentation of product name and brand logo, but also needs to be combined with product image to highlight product features and brand value. A successful logo design should be concise, easy to recognize, and able to evoke emotional resonance among consumers.

7. Challenges and opportunities for sustainable development
With the growing demand for sustainable development, cosmetic packaging design is facing new challenges and opportunities. On the one hand, cosmetic packaging design needs to actively explore and apply sustainable materials and process technologies to reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution. On the other hand, cosmetics brands can convey the concepts of environmental protection and sustainable development through packaging design, enhancing brand image and market competitiveness.

8. Creative Personalization
Creative and personalized packaging design is also an important current trend. Consumers are increasingly pursuing personalized and unique products, so creative and personalized packaging designs can attract their attention. In addition, some brands also cooperate with artists or designers to launch limited edition packaging designs to increase the collection value and uniqueness of the packaging.

9. Application of digital technology
With the advancement and development of technology, the application of digital technology in packaging design is becoming more and more extensive. By using digital technology, higher personalization and customization can be achieved in packaging design, increasing consumers’ desire to purchase. Among them, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies are particularly common in cosmetic packaging design.

To sum up, high-end cosmetics packaging design needs to integrate brand characteristics, give full play to creative potential, select appropriate materials and pay attention to packaging details. Such high-end packaging also means an increase in product sales prices. When consumers purchase beauty cosmetics, the first thing they see is often the outer packaging. The impact of the visibility of the packaging itself on product marketing cannot be underestimated.


13) Application of anti-counterfeiting technology in cosmetic packaging

The application of anti-counterfeiting technology in cosmetic packaging is an important part of the cosmetics industry. It involves how to ensure the authenticity and safety of cosmetics. The following are several common cosmetic packaging anti-counterfeiting technology applications:

1. Anti-counterfeiting labels
Anti-counterfeiting labels are one of the commonly used anti-counterfeiting technologies in cosmetic packaging. Brands will put anti-counterfeiting labels on cosmetic packaging, and consumers can verify the authenticity of the product by scanning the QR code on the label or scratching off the coating on the label. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label can effectively combat counterfeit and shoddy products, protect consumers' rights and interests, and improve the company's brand awareness.

2. QR code anti-counterfeiting technology
QR code anti-counterfeiting technology is an emerging anti-counterfeiting technology. It prints unique QR codes on cosmetic packaging. Consumers can obtain product industry information by simply scanning the logo with their smartphones. This technology has a very good anti-counterfeiting function, which can raise the technical threshold, increase the difficulty and cost of counterfeiting.

3. Laser anti-counterfeiting labels
Laser anti-counterfeiting labels are anti-counterfeiting labels made using holographic imaging technology. It not only prevents moisture and odor dispersion, but also increases the beauty of the packaging. The identification method of laser anti-counterfeiting labels is mainly to observe the internal engraving features with naked eyes, microscopic equipment, or touch with hands. This kind of anti-counterfeiting label can not only ensure the authenticity of the product, but also establish a good brand image for the company.

4. Coding anti-counterfeiting technology
Inkjet coding anti-counterfeiting technology uses inkjet printing technology to print production date, batch number and other information on the outer packaging of the product, and the anti-counterfeiting effect is achieved by adjusting the printing position. Most cosmetic packaging often uses this method to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. If you use anti-counterfeiting ink when printing, you can achieve a better anti-counterfeiting effect.

5. Integrated anti-counterfeiting solution for cosmetics QR code packaging
The integrated anti-counterfeiting solution for cosmetics QR code packaging is a new type of anti-counterfeiting technology that combines the advantages of laser inkjet printers and QR code technology. This solution can mark the production date, expiration date and other information according to relevant regulations after the cosmetics are filled or packaged, and the inkjet coding or laser marking method can be selected independently according to the actual situation of the product. In addition, this solution can also realize the traceability of cosmetics, helping consumers to trace their origins online and quickly identify authenticity.

In general, there are various applications of anti-counterfeiting technologies in cosmetic packaging. These technologies can not only effectively prevent counterfeit and shoddy products and protect consumer rights, but also improve the company's brand image and market share. With the advancement of science and technology, we can foresee that the anti-counterfeiting technology of cosmetic packaging will be more advanced and intelligent in the future.


14) Future trends in cosmetic packaging materials

The future trend of cosmetic packaging materials can be analyzed from the following aspects:

environmental trends
With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, cosmetic packaging materials will pay more attention to environmental protection. This not only helps reduce costs and reduces consumer purchasing pressure, but is also an important way for brands to demonstrate social responsibility. In the future, cosmetic packaging materials may be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, the phenomenon of excessive packaging will be curbed, and packaging design will be more simple and practical, in line with the development path of protecting the ecological environment.

Practicality Trend
The practicality of cosmetic packaging will become an important trend in future design. The packaging must not only be beautiful and attractive, but also consider its practicality, such as pressure resistance, water resistance, UV resistance, etc. Only when the packaging box is practical, consumers will be willing to buy it again after purchasing it, which is crucial to the long-term development of cosmetics brands.

Humanization trend
Cosmetic packaging design will be more user-friendly to meet the needs of consumers. The largest consumer group of cosmetics is women, so packaging design needs to be from the perspective of women and consider their consumption psychology and living habits. For example, women can be segmented according to their age, using different design solutions and implementing different design styles. At the same time, packaging design should also reflect the safety and texture of cosmetics.

Green packaging materials
Green packaging materials will become an important trend in cosmetic packaging in the future. The inner packaging of cosmetics mostly uses recyclable glass, plastic and other packaging containers, while the outer packaging mainly uses paper or cardboard, because these materials are easy to process, easy to transport, carry and store, easy to recycle, and less polluting.

Personalized packaging design
Personalized packaging design will be more favored by consumers. Consumers are paying more and more attention to packaging. In recent years, cosmetic packaging changes have tended to be more personalized, and consumers prefer independent and distinctive packaging. Therefore, personalization is gaining more and more attention.

International trends
Cosmetic packaging design will become more international, develop innovative designs, highlight personality and charm, integrate nationalities and cultures, and improve taste and aesthetics, thereby catering to the needs of the development of the times and satisfying consumers' psychological, spiritual, and cultural needs.

To sum up, the future trend of cosmetic packaging materials will pay more attention to environmental protection, practicality, humanization, green packaging materials, personalized packaging design and international trends. These trends not only reflect changes in consumer demand, but also reflect the development direction of the cosmetic packaging industry.


15) Methods to achieve consistency in cosmetic packaging

1. Establishment and maintenance of brand image
Brand image is an important basis for cosmetic packaging consistency. Well-known brands usually use the same logo, fonts, and materials in cosmetic packaging boxes to establish and maintain brand recognition. This consistency not only visually differentiates the product, but also increases brand awareness and trust in consumers' minds. To achieve this consistency, brands need to develop detailed brand guidelines to ensure that the box design is consistent with the brand’s overall image. This includes the selection and use of product labels, colors and other elements, which are all important tools for brand promotion.

2. Packaging design process and precautions
The production process of cosmetic packaging boxes includes determining the box type and material, design documents, proofing, production, delivery and after-sales service. During the design document stage, the designer determines the printing method and design elements of the box based on the selected material and brand guidelines. Subsequent proofing and production processes need to be carried out in strict accordance with the design documents to ensure the quality and consistency of the final product. In addition, when merchants choose manufacturers of cosmetic packaging boxes, they should choose manufacturers with professional production teams and strict quality control processes to ensure that the quality and consistency of the products meet requirements.

3. Consistency of label content
According to the requirements of the "Cosmetic Label Management Measures", the label content of cosmetics should be legal, true, complete, accurate, and consistent with the relevant content of product registration or filing. This means that whether they are imported cosmetics or small-package products, they need to have Chinese labels, and the label content is consistent with the content of product registration and filing. For products with Chinese labels, the product safety and efficacy claims on the Chinese labels should be consistent with those on the original labels. This consistency in label content helps consumers understand product-related information and helps companies build and maintain their brand image.

4. Environmental sustainability considerations
Environmental sustainability is also a factor that cannot be ignored in the design and selection process of cosmetic packaging. Choosing environmentally friendly packaging materials and adopting sustainable packaging design solutions can not only enhance the grade and image of the product, but also meet the increasing needs of consumers who are concerned about environmental protection and sustainability. For example, choosing recyclable packaging materials and implementing packaging recycling and reuse programs can reduce negative environmental impacts.

Through the above methods, the consistency of cosmetic packaging can be effectively achieved, thereby helping the brand establish and maintain a good image, meet the needs of consumers, and also reflect the company's social responsibility.


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