EU Green Paper written release plastic waste to the whole society to seek recovery of the proposed

European Commission published the Green Paper of plastic waste and increase the Needle Nose Tube recycling rate of plastic products in the EU-wide request for proposals to reduce the impact of plastic waste on the environment and other issues.

Potocnik, members of the European Commission in charge of environmental affairs, said in the announcement of the Green Paper on how to deal with plastic waste pose a challenge to the European environmental protection work. He said that the release of this Green Paper, the purpose is to gather parties information, data, views and recommendations to policy makers from the EU level to take effective countermeasures. "I am very pleased today published here EU Green Paper on plastic waste disposal in this Green Paper, the European Union called on everyone, experts and non-experts to jointly cope with one of the most pressing issues facing our society , that is, how to deal with plastics waste. "

The European Commission pointed out in Cosmetic Packaging the Green Paper, plastic waste enters the environment, especially the marine environment, the degradation cycle often up to a few hundred years. At present, the world each year more than ten million tons of waste into the oceans, which is 80% of the plastic products, the ocean has become the world's largest plastic waste landfill. Plastic waste for marine biodiversity is a serious threat. The plastic particulate carrier is also disrupting chemicals, they enter the food chain, there is a serious potential threat to our health. Today's Green Paper is designed to deal with this issue on a stalk plastic waste management is not only to protect the environment is a major challenge, the same time, the green Paper also stressed that the management of plastic waste, can effectively improve the utilization of the resources of Europe. "
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