Tube Packaging

Tube Packaging most commonly used plastic material from the texture can be divided into two categories: soft material and rigid material.
<一>. Typical soft material PE Polyethylene, PP Polypropylene. Their appearance characteristics:
Apparent characteristics. Processing: PE polyethylene white waxy translucent material, soft and tough, little can be done, the material is lighter than water, non-toxic. Can color, bright color is poor. PP polypropylene transparent or translucent material, winding resistance performance excellent. Color material color vividness better. Jahwa United Co., Ltd. Shen Xiaoming
<二>. ABS acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymers, PMMA poly-methyl-methacrylate, etc. Typical rigid materials. Their appearance characteristics:
. Processing apparent characteristics: ABS material opaque material, pale ivory. Can color other brightly-colored products with a high gloss. With a tough, rigid, hard material characteristics. The PMMA material is transparent, the light transmittance similar glass, having a preferably transparent plastic, but a lower surface hardness. Easy to scratch hard objects, rub hair.
2. Container molding: injection molding.
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